Submissions Guidelines


  1. What are we looking for? We’re looking for accessible poetry for everyone to enjoy. I realise the parameters of this are a bit wobbly but if your work requires a degree in poetry to be enjoyed, here might not be the best place for it. We recommend reading some of our previously-published content to get a feel for what we’re after. And hey, it’s free and you’ll enjoy it, which is nice too.
  2. Please only send up to two poems at a time, and please keep each of those poems under two pages of A4.
  3. Unfortunately, feedback will not be supplied if your work doesn’t get published – it’s nothing personal, just that it’s a one-person, nonprofit operation (and therefore also it might be a while before I get back to you)! And don’t get disheartened – it might just be that it’s not right for Shellshock. Oh, and obviously anything overtly violent or horrific is a no-no.
  4. No simultaneous submissions.
  5. Please only send submissions via e-mail to It’s easier to manage than the mire of Facebook messenger.
  6. Poems must be attached in a .doc format to your e-mail. Please put ‘Poetry submission’ in your subject heading.
  7. Please include a brief biography of yourself (preferably under 50 words) written in the third person, keeping it as short as possible – e.g. “Blodwyn Bloggs is a writer from Gumfreston, Mars. Her work has previously been featured in the Lampeter Review, Humbleton’s Journal and the Biscuit Bon Nuit Curiosity Pod. She is currently completing an MA in Film Studies at the University of Gatling, Hull.”
  8. Whether you’re a prolific writer or a first-timer, your poetry is welcome here. But please don’t send things that aren’t poems! Maybe fiction or non-fiction or illustration will be considered in the future but that will require more people maintaining the blog.
  9. Nine is way too many guidelines. They’re more like guidelines anyway.